Bioaugmentation microcosm studies

In our opinion the best way to assess the response of your polluted groundwater to the introduction of microbes known to degrade the contaminant of concern is to conduct a microcosm study. Here’s how it works. You send us a groundwater sample, we introduce the relevant microbes and monitor the resultant chemical transformations and the abundance of the microbes added. We assess a range of inoculum ratios to determine if the groundwater is toxic to the bioaugmentation culture.

These cost effective tests can be completed in less than a month, revealing if our cultures can transform your contaminants into harmless end products and generating evidence that they can proliferate in your groundwater. There’s no need for in situ deployment of biotraps and in our experience results are clear cut. Based on microcosm studies bioaugmentation either looks like a great idea or proves that it’s not a realistic option. Decision making has never been easier.