Delivering Local Brew with JBS&G

Last week, Chief Scientist Önder Kimyon delivered Novorem’s signature remediating culture, AusPCE, to a field site managed by JBS&G. The site, located south of Wollongong, was injected with 100L of the culture. AusPCE was developed from Australian sediment, and has proven efficacy in reducing chlorinated ethenes (like PCE). The cultures were grown in the lab over the last month, from an AusPCE parent culture.


Önder showed JBS&G environmental consultant Alex Boardman how to apply the culture. First, groundwater was pumped from one of the pre-drilled wells at the site. The culture was then diluted in the groundwater, and injected into 5 separate wells. Monitoring using qPCR and/or gas chromatography will tell us how AusPCE is settling in.

This was the second batch of culture delivered to JBS&G. The first delivery was in February 2017, and marked Novorem’s first culture injection in Tasmania.