The right bacteria are not always in the right place when you need them. For example, in the case of chlorinated ethene remediation many sites have bacteria that can reduce perchloroethene to trichloroethene and trichloroethene to cis-1,2-dichloroethene but lack the bacteria carrying genes for reducing cis-1,2-dichloroethene to monochloroethene (vinyl chloride) or monochloroethene to ethene. In such cases the addition of specific bacterial cultures to contaminated groundwater can catalyse the required transformations to complete the job. The addition of microbes to contaminated sites is commonly referred to as bioaugmentation.

For a long time, cultures for the degradation of chlorinated ethenes, ethanes and methanes in anaerobic groundwater have not been available in Australia owing to importation restrictions policed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. For this reason researchers at the University of New South Wales have developed bioaugmentation cultures from local groundwater samples to facilitate the practise of bioremediation in Australia. Cultures for the degradation of perchloroethene, chloroform and 1,2-dichloroethane to benign end products are amongst those available. All cultures are well characterised with respect to rates and mechanisms of dechlorination activity and microbial community composition. Novorem has applied these cultures in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Culture production takes place upon request at our headquarters in Moss Vale, NSW. Cultures are provided with data sheets on activity including relevant cell gene copy abundances and dechlorination rates on dispatch. Novorem can provide advice on the most appropriate culture for your needs and on the equipment requirements and technical details for injection into organohalide contaminated aquifers in fractured basalt and sandy subsurface matrices. Novorem will deliver cultures anywhere in Australia and provide staff on site for injection if requested. The lead time for supply of culture is three months from confirmation of request.