Chlorinated methanes

Chlorinated methanes such as carbon tetrachloride (CTC), chloroform (CF) and dichloromethane (DCM) are among the most problematic organochlorines when it comes to groundwater contamination. CF is double trouble given that microbes that can break it down are rare and that it inhibits organochlorine respiring bacteria such that co-contaminants are not degraded. Novorem has exclusive rights to supply AusCF, the only culture in the world known to completely degrade CF to harmless end products.

The species responsible for CF biodegradation in AusCF belongs to the Dehalobacter genus. This organism has been isolated and its genome has recently been sequenced. Carrying 22 reductive dehalogenase genes this organism shows a remarkable tolerance to high CF concentrations (>100 ppm) and spectacular CF reduction rates. If CF or DCM are a problem at your site AusCF may be the solution. Based on the genome sequence and characterisation of the isotope enrichment factor for CF reduction, qPCR and CSIA tools will soon be available to test for CF biodegradation potential in situ.