For use on direct hydrocarbon spills or on hydrocarbon contaminated soil, Novorem offers Remediator, a dual purpose oil/fuel absorbent and bioremediation agent.

The product has been charged with oil-degrading microorganisms (no genetic modification or bioengineering) and contains all of the necessary components for microbial generation and maintenance. When given a hydrocarbon food source and kept moist, the microorganisms rapidly break down the hydrocarbon contaminants into their harmless constituents.

Remediator is applied by blending the dry product with the contaminated soil as evenly as possible. Once the contaminant hydrocarbon comes in contact with Remediator, it will be absorbed and encapsulated (up to saturation level). The product is dispersed by tilling, and there is no requirement for washing and milling as with other bacterial applications.

Case studies and projects conducted in several countries have recorded average reductions in hydrocarbon levels of 82% in 77 days. In some cases, up to 80% in 30 days. Remediation can take place in situ (to a depth of .5 metres) whereas deeper contamination should be excavated, blended and treated ex-situ (or replaced in-situ).

The Remediator process has been extensively used over the past 14 years in Australia and internationally, and has been independently verified by Unversities or research organisations in Canada, USA, UK, Japan and South Africa.

Features and Benefits

  • Remediator will not biodegrade itself until it has bioremediated the encapsulated hydrocarbons
    Rapid encapsulation eliminates leaching
  • Safe and simple to use – requires no special training and crews are not required to be expert personnel
  • Remediator is non-toxic, non-abrasive, and non-carcinogenic
  • Produced from a natural and renewable resource

Novorem can provide the product and work with clients to determine the optimum application protocol for their site.